ZeppelinContext run method runs a paragraph as anonymous user

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ZeppelinContext run method runs a paragraph as anonymous user

Luis Angel Vicente Sanchez
This is related to ticket

This is the flow of a ZeppelinContext run request, when you want to run
a paragraph from a given notebook:

    1. ZeppelinContext.run uses
    ZeppelinContext.getInterpreterContextRunner to obtain a list of
    InterpreterContextRunner. The call to
       1.1 Obtains the RemoteWorksController from the interpreter
       context (the only implementation is
       1.2 Calls the method
       ZeppelinRemoteWorksController.getRemoteContextRunner to obtain a
       list of InterpreterContextRunner. The call to
           1.2.1 Creates a ZeppelinServerResourceParagraphRunner and
           pass it to
           RemoteInterpreterEventClient.getZeppelinServerNoteRunner of
           the RemoteInterpreterServer passed to
           creates a RemoteZeppelinServerResource, of type
           RemoteZeppelinServerResource.Type.PARAGRAPH_RUNNERS, with the
           ZeppelinServerResourceParagraphRunner as data, and sends it
           as the JSON payload of the event
    2. ZeppelinContext.run calls the run method of each of the
    InterpreterContextRunner that it gets from

I found that the only place where the event
RemoteInterpreterEventType.REMOTE_ZEPPELIN_SERVER_RESOURCE is handled is
in the run method of RemoteInterpreterEventPoller:

    1. The RemoteZeppelinServerResource is deserialised and passed to
       1.1. Setup a callback using the method
       1.2. The callback will create one
       ZeppelinServerResourceParagraphRunner per
       InterpreterContextRunner received.
       1.3. It will create a RemoteZeppelinServerResource, with the list
       of ZeppelinServerResourceParagraphRunner, as data and sends it
       using a RemoteInterpreterService.Client.

No I think that this RemoteZeppelinServerResource is handled by
RemoteInterpreterServer.onReceivedZeppelinResource that create a
ParagraphRunner per element in the arraylist that you get as the payload
of RemoteZeppelinServerResource

I added several log messages to be sure that the previous flow was
correct, but I can't see any message coming from the callback passed to
RemoteInterpreterProcessListener.onGetParagraphRunners; the other
methods are called in the right sequence.

The changes I have done to try fixing the credentials propagation are
the following:

    1. Add the AuthenticationInfo to InterpreterContextRunner.
    2. Add the AuthenticationInfo to ParagraphRunner.
    3. Add a RemoteWorksController.getRemoteContextRunner that receives
    AuthenticationInfo as a 3rd parameter
    (ZeppelinContext.getInterpreterContextRunner is calling this method
    passing the AuthenticationInfo from the InterpreterContext)
    4. Add the AuthenticationInfo to RemoteInterpreterContextRunner.
    5. Add the AuthenticationInfo to
    6. Recover and propagate AuthenticationInfo in
    RemoteInterpreterEventPoller.run (call to
    7. Recover AuthenticationInfo in
    RemoteInterpreterServer.onReceivedZeppelinResource and create
    ParagraphRunners using that.
    8. Change RemoteInterpreterService.thrift to add authenticationInfo
    as a String to ZeppelinServerResourceParagraphRunner.
    9. Change NotebookServer.onRemoteRunParagraph to accept
    AuthenticationInfo as a 3rd parameter; if it's not null, use it
    instead of getting the AuthenticationInfo from Shiro.

But so far no luck, the paragraph is still ran as the anonymous user. Is
there anything I'm missing?

  Luis Angel Vicente Sanchez
  [hidden email]