Zeppelin 0.7.2 with SSL enabled not working on new browsers

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Zeppelin 0.7.2 with SSL enabled not working on new browsers

Kevin J Doyle


We are encountering an issue on some of the newer browser versions with Zeppelin 0.7.2 that is SSL enabled.

Our Zeppelin notebook is configured with the following in zeppelin-env.sh:

ZEPPELIN_SSL_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=<password for keystore>

The notebook starts successfully and we can access the notebook UI using Firefox ESR 45.

However, using Firefox 52 or Chrome 60, we cannot access the notebook UI. The browser gives an error saying "Secure Connection Failed. The connection was interrupted while the page was loading".

In our certificate, we have both the cn and san. The same certificates are working for other web services, so we are not sure if it is a Zeppelin issue we are encountering. 

Wondering if you are aware of any issues like this?

Kevin J Doyle
Senior Software Developer - IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark
3600 Steeles | E6-719
Email: [hidden email]