Using pyvis and other javascript wrappers in Zeppelin

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Using pyvis and other javascript wrappers in Zeppelin

David Boyd

    Googled this problem but have not found a solution that works.

I am trying to use pyvis to generate interactive network graphs.
The pyvis functions output an HTML file.   I have tried several approaches
but not found anything that works for something that should be simple.

Here is my sample code:

> %ipython
> from import Network
> from IPython.display import HTML
> import networkx as nx
> import os
> nx_graph = nx.cycle_graph(10)
> nx_graph.nodes[1]['title'] = 'Number 1'
> nx_graph.nodes[1]['group'] = 1
> nx_graph.nodes[3]['title'] = 'I belong to a different group!'
> nx_graph.nodes[3]['group'] = 10
> nx_graph.add_node(20, size=20, title='couple', group=2)
> nx_graph.add_node(21, size=15, title='couple', group=2)
> nx_graph.add_edge(20, 21, weight=5)
> nx_graph.add_node(25, size=25, label='lonely', title='lonely node',
> group=3)
> nt = Network("500px", "500px",notebook=True)
> # populates the nodes and edges data structures
> nt.from_nx(nx_graph)
> nt.prep_notebook()
> file = open("/tmp/nx.html")
> HTML(htmldata)
So I was able to get this to work.
But if I have a subsequent note paragraph to display a different
graph the graph in the first note is overwritten.

Surely there is a better approach and I am looking for suggestions
on approaches and ways to get multiple graphs to display.

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