ShiroFilter does not kick for urls not starting with /api

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ShiroFilter does not kick for urls not starting with /api

Srikanth G N
I am trying to enable Oauth on Zeppelin using shiro - buji-pac4j, Oauth is
working, but shiroFilter works only urls like http://myhomelink/api but not
for http://myhomelink,  so i modified /api* to /*, it started working,
basically this is the original code in

    if (!StringUtils.isBlank(shiroIniPath)) {
      webapp.setInitParameter("shiroConfigLocations", new
      webapp.addFilter(ShiroFilter.class, "/api/*",
      webapp.addEventListener(new EnvironmentLoaderListener());

Shiro URLs is as below
# This section is used for url-based security.
# You can secure interpreter, configuration and credential information by
urls. Comment or uncomment the below urls that you want to hide.
# anon means the access is anonymous.
# authc means Form based Auth Security
/api/version = anon
/callback = callbackFilter
/api/login/logout = logoutFilter
/** = formClientSecurityFilter
/** = oidcSecurityFilter

Request the experts to help me udnerstand how to ensure shiroFilter is
getting applied to all the URLS.
What is the necesssity of keeping it /api* instead of /*

Srikanth G N

Srikanth G N
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Srikanth G N