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Re: sqlcontext not available in pyspark interpreter

in pyspark, 'sqlc' is the injected variable name at the moment.
So, current workaround could be simply doing
'sqlContext = sqlc'

I think there's no good reason that not using sqlContext as a variable name. (keeping sqlc, too. for backward compatibility)


On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 6:30 AM Dafne van Kuppevelt <[hidden email]> wrote:
I run into the problem that the 'global' sqlContext variable is not available in the pyspark interpreter.
If I have for example the folowing code:
df = sqlContext.createDataFrame(...)
I get the error:
(<type 'exceptions.NameError'>, NameError("name 'sqlContext'is not defined",)
When I add the sqlContext explicitly:
from pyspark.sql import SQLContext
sqlContext = SQLContext(sc)
the df will be created, but if I register it as a (temp) table, it is not available in the sql interpreter! (or in the SQLcontext in Scala)
If I do the same thing in Scala it works fine, for example if I run the example notebook with the 'bank' table.
Some info about my enivornment:
I'm running spark in yarn-client mode, the spark.home and zeppelin.pyspark.python properties of the interpreter are set, to resp spark 1.3 and python 2.7.
Thanks in advance for your help,