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Cannot enable helium package




I wish to integrate VEGA visualizations on zeppelin (version : 0.8.2) . So I created 3 files to import these visualizations on Helium :


-        HelloWorld.js : /home/romain/visu-vegas/Test01_HelloWorld/HelloWorld.js

-        HelloWorld.json : /home/romain/visu-vegas/Test01_HelloWorld/HelloWorld.json

-        package.json : /home/romain/visu-vegas/Test01_HelloWorld/package.json


This is my package.json :



    "name": "HelloWorld",

    "description": "affichage d'une phrase",

    "version": "1.0.0",

    "main": "HelloWorld",

    "author": "",

    "license": "Apache-2.0",

    "dependencies": {

        "zeppelin-tabledata": "*",

        "zeppelin-vis": "*",

        "vega": "^5.16.1",

        "vega-embed": "^6.12.2",

        "vega-lite": "^4.16.7"   




When I click on "enable" for import “HelloWorld” visualizations, it returns me an error whereas when I do the manipulation in command line (putty) there is no error. Below is a copy of the error.


com.github.eirslett.maven.plugins.frontend.lib.TaskRunnerException: 'yarn install --fetch-retries=2 --fetch-retry-factor=1 --fetch-retry-mintimeout=5000 --registry=' failed. (error code 1)


To see the logs, I run a command line: "tail -f zeppelin-romain-vmlinux.log" from this directory: cd zeppelin-0.8.2-bin-all/logs.

So, here are the corresponding error logs when I click on "enable":


ERROR [2020-10-01 12:19:12,970] ({qtp1580893732-16}[enablePackage]:216) - com.github.eirslett.maven.plugins.frontend.lib.TaskRunnerException: 'yarn install --fetch-retries=2 --fetch-retry-factor=1 --fetch-retry-mintimeout=5000 --registry=' failed. (error code 1) com.github.eirslett.maven.plugins.frontend.lib.TaskRunnerException: 'yarn install --fetch-retries=2 --fetch-retry-factor=1 --fetch-retry-mintimeout=5000 --registry=' failed. (error code 1)


But this command goes to CLI when I'm in the bundle directory.


Do you have any idea why it doesn't work?


Thank you.



Romain D.



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